The Team

With a variety of skills and specialisms, we’ll always have the ability and experience to deliver on your project.

Oliver Mills

Oliver is an accomplished camera assistant with a string of short film credits to his name. He is also a talented producer with experience in both documentary and short fiction. His passion, personality and outstanding work ethic make him an invaluable asset to any production he is a part of.

Jaspar J. Cumiskey

Coming from an acting background Jaspar has a deep rooted love for character and story. As a Director he has an impressive body of work spanning genre and style. He also has credentials as a cinematographer with a great flair for camerawork and lighting craft.

Joe Stringer

A Writer / Director with a track record of executing high quality short films and music videos, Joe has a passion for evocative and distinctive visuals. Aside from this, he has worked in industry as a freelance Assistant Director and has experience as a stills photographer.

James Reilly

James is a resourceful producer with an ability to helm complicated projects from start to finish. From the first concept liaisons, through shooting and right up to delivery, and beyond, James is a towering managerial presence who will ensure the production goes off without a hitch.

Ellie McKay-Cross

A logistical mind is what is needed in order to bring a project to life. Meet Ellie, her filmography includes both fiction and documentary, illustrating her versatility and love for film in all its forms. Her methodical approach to filmmaking and her attention to detail forms a safety net for everyone involved in one of her sets. Ellie’s tireless efforts behind the scenes setting up the company has created the building blocks we all need in order to create a successful business.